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Designed in Art Deco style Max Scherzer Jersey , the ample space of Frist art museum caters splendid visual arts from classical to contemporary masters. Since its first opening in April 2001, the Frist art museum is continually celebrating the world's different masterpiece of fine arts, sculpture, photography, and other interactive media; hosting major travelling art shows and exhibitions throughout the year Matt Wieters Jersey , supporting the craving of creative learning of Nashville community.

True to its Vision and Mission in supporting arts education, the Frist art museum has made a significant endeavor in disseminating the importance of art and craftsmanship in the region, the country, and around the world. You can always expect something new to stimulate the imagination with the Frist art museum's exhibition scheduled every six to eight weeks with their most prestigious collection in their galleries. Just by checking their annual calendar of exhibitions, events Matt Adams Jersey , and programs,

Committed in upbringing art education, Frist Center spacious Art Deco building is providing services such as teacher education, summer arts camps, community Kevin Long Jersey , outreach programs, and other wide array of art programs, both at the Frist Center and off-site.

The Frist art museum is designed to accommodate the artistic taste of family. One of the most popular locations of Frist art museum's creative learning is the Martin ArtQuest Gallery. The gallery is endowed with interactive education gallery with stunning live sounds and colorful space where you can experience the true beauty of art. The gallery accepts visitors of all ages who greatly crave of artistic learning at heart. ArtQuest explores through different activities with thirty hands-on stations and helpful staffs to assist visitors for art education and interactive discussion in painting, sculpture, printmaking Joe Blanton Jersey , and other interactive learning. Visitors are encouraged to discover art with activities like making your own watercolor masterpiece and perfect sculpture.

Activities in ArtQuest have three areas of learning, mainly: 1) art essentials where it explores the specific elements of art like color, shape, balance, form and value Jayson Werth Jersey , and line; 2) Art Materials and Techniques where visitors are hearten with various artistic media and art methods; 3) Art and Meaning where discussion of art are encourage for every visitors.
ArtQuest offers exciting tools that allows visitors to continue their experience. The gallery offers journal and art supplies to continue the experience once visitors leave the Frist art museum; while the card and digital portfolio contains the visitors' work of art they created inside the center.

Stop at Gift Shop. The gift shop at the Frist art museum has wide collection of fine art prints, books, educational materials, art supplies, clothing Howie Kendrick Jersey , blown glass, pottery, and galleries made from quality works of fine artists.

Experience wellness with the delicious delicacies of Frist art museum's Cafe. The cafe has variety of delicacies like tasty homemade soups, luscious desserts, and sandwiches. The Cafe is a popular hang outs for creative people visiting in the Frist Center.

The Frist art museum offers membership and considerable benefits such as free to exhibition galleries and ArtQuest Gio Gonzalez Jersey , 10% gift shop discount, members-only previews of new exhibitions, discount fees for children's birthday parties, personalized membership card, and other exciting benefits.
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Corey Palmer is an artist and art lover living in Nashville.
Frist Center for Visual Arts

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