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PARIS David Johnson Womens Jersey , July 22 (Xinhua) -- Following are the team classifications from Tour de France 17th stage, a 161km ride from Digne-les-Bains to Pra Loup on Wednesday:


1. MTN, 12:50:41

2. Movistar, at 3:53

3. Team Sky, 4:46

4. AG2R, 6:52

5. Tinkoff-Saxo, 12:53


1. Movistar Chase Edmonds Womens Jersey , 208:18:05

2. MTN, at 16:57

3. Team Sky, 33:41

4. Tinkoff-Saxo, 38:36

5. Astana, 46:31

6. AG2R la Mondiale, 48:53

7. Europcar, 1:17:38

8. BMC Racing Mason Cole Womens Jersey , 1:21:36

9. IAM Cycling, 1:30:07

10. LottoNL, 1:34:11

11. Trek, 1:43:16

12. Giant, 2:08:21

13. Lotto, 2:10:19

14. Cannondale, 2:16:01

15. Katusha Christian Kirk Womens Jersey , 2:54:19

16. FDJ, 2:58:08

17. Bretagne, 2:59:38

18. Cofidis, 3:01:44

19. Lampre-Merida, 3:11:12

20. Bora, 3:25:21

21. Etixx-Quick Step, 3:46:37

22. Orica Authentic Pat Tillman Jersey , 6:12:06

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