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Every year as the holiday season approaches I start to get this overwhelming sense of apprehension and I am not really sure why. I think it is because the family is changing and it gets harder and harder to get all four of my children together at one time. Then I start to reminisce about the past holiday seasons.

When I was a child Cheap Kansas City Royals Jersey , we did the same thing every Christmas morning without fail. After the excitement of opening presents died down, we all packed into the car and went to my Aunts house for Christmas breakfast. Sometimes we took a new toy to show the cousins but it was a time of relaxing and sharing with no expectations attached.

When I was sixteen my family moved far away and we knew we would miss that year going to her house on Christmas morning. It was the sort of tradition we didn't want to let go. To this day, I am not sure who came up with the idea but we decided to fill the void by having our very own brunch. My family had been experiencing some difficulties so starting over and working together were not things we did very often.

Everyone in the family contributed some different way that Christmas morning. I had been working part time at a restaurant and learned how to cook so I remember I made everyone in the family eggs benedict. It was wonderful. The result of that Christmas surprised all of us and started a new family tradition as well.

That was years ago and now my children and my sister's children look forward to "Christmas brunch" now. It has become quite a family tradition and to this day Cheap Houston Astros Jersey , I am still making eggs benedict for all the family that wants to come to my house and enjoy it.

As we get older we realize how important events such as those were to growing up. I didn't realize it at the time but if I look back I realize what an important event this was for my family.

One, we depended on each other that first Christmas so it strengthened the ties in the family. We had never really been a Norman Rockwell family but at that time we all felt like one because we actually succeeded in having a great Christmas with just us. We could forget about any family dysfunction and just remember family function, so it gave us all a sense of belonging and self-worth. Every person in the family contributed to the success of that first Christmas.

Two Cheap Detroit Tigers Jersey , it was very comforting. You have heard of comfort food, how about comfort times? My family had been experiencing a whole new life. We had just moved away from all that we had known into this new, smaller town Cheap Colorado Rockies Jersey , where we were quite the outsiders. It felt like "us" against "them" sometimes even though everyone we met was friendly and helpful to us getting settled into a new life. Christmas that year brought us together in a familiar setting which was very comforting after all the newness we had been experiencing.

Finally, there is one surprising result of that first Christmas in the new house. A second generation is now participating in this tradition and they seem to be looking forward to Christmas brunch every year and feeling the same way we did back then. So my children seem to have a greater understanding of my generation and what we experienced in the past. That is something they can't get at school and can only get as a result of being part of the family.

If your family has experienced changes this year and the holiday season will not be the same maybe it is time to start a new tradition. It is not that difficult and you will experience the benefits for years to come. Traditions are the best way to pass down family values to children who will in turn, pass them on to their children and so on. Start a new tradition and you will leave a powerful legacy to your children that they will never forget.
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