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Judging a person by the way heshe presents himselfherself had always been the way things work. Sayings like “The first impression is the best impression” Wei-Yin Chen Marlins Jersey , strongly defines the role of self-presentation in a person’s life. How much ever hard a person tries to retain hisher beauty, certain limitations levied by the nature restricts the life span of intact and alluring skin. Skin care industry had been working extensively, in challenging nature and coming up with an elixir potion to prolong the life of natural skin. Beauty drinks are one such effort to retain the natural beauty during the battle against ageing.


Beauty drink is a generalized term that includes all sorts of drinks that contain beauty benefiting amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Beauty drink always changes with the perspective of the consumer Christian Yelich Marlins Jersey , as the beauty lies in eye of the beholder. A wide range of products is now available in the markets that claim to skirmish the signs of skin ageing and recuperate the appearance of skin.


Free radicals are the main wrongdoer for skin ageing. These often cause oxidative damage that breaks down dermis and epidermis, leading to skin ageing. The cascade of consequences up shot the deprivation of cells' capacity to repair DNA, result in the loss of skin suppleness, wrinkling, waning the capacity of skin to hold water and ultimately smash up the skin.

Before and after effects on collagen on wrinkles

During the past 5 years Martin Prado Marlins Jersey , market had been flooded by "Beauty beverages”, that promised in transforming humble potion (water) into potent anti-ageing and skin perfecting tonic. Starting from a subtle Aloe Vera & filtered water to the latest trend of clay & charcoal drinks, beauty beverages had gained the vogue from customers and are one of the highest selling products at this time. Companies such as Beauty & Go with their agenda of ‘feeding the skin’ came up with Macro Anti-oxidants that boast of enhancing traits like radiance, vitality, anti ageing and detoxification.

Juice Generation have come up with the strategy of employing clay Jose Fernandez Marlins Jersey , charcoal, lemon and raw agave in their product line up to generate effects such as toxin removal, glowing skin and to even fight against digestive issues. 'Activated green’, a fast selling product from juice generation is known for its anti-hangover remedy.


Nutrients have been proved to improve the skin health. However, the effectiveness of a beverage in pumping the nutrients directly to the skin is debatable. Few of the doctors agree to have supplements as a first-rate backup plan in spite of having a complete balanced diet with all the vital nutrients Andre Dawson Marlins Jersey , minerals and fibers. The man behind Beauty Scoop Michelle Yagoda MD says that, “Even people who eat a healthy diet have problems with their skin, hair, and nails”. He further follows it up saying, “So absorption can be a problem and liquids tend to be more bio-available to your body”. Scott-Vincent Borba Wei-Yin Chen Youth Jersey , founder of skin care product company Borba have to say that, “A drinkable supplement can be an effective way to treat skin because it can contain vitamins that are more bio-available and easier for the body to absorb”.

Though there are many who strongly support the consumption of beauty drinks, there exist few groups who contradict with the statements calling the benefits as mere assumptions. "I have tried to put adequate amounts of supplements in drinks, but they aren't palatable at the levels required to see benefits. Plus, to make a supplement drinkable Christian Yelich Youth Jersey , you need to add preservatives, emulsifiers, and sweeteners -- things that aren't ideal to ingest." Says a Los Angeles based dermatologist Dr.Howard Murad, MD.


The debate over the scientificity of beauty drinks has little effect on their consumption by the public due to their favorite Hollywood stars revealing such health drinks as their fitness mantra. 'Fault in the Stars' fame Shailene Woodley recently revealed that she added clay to her diet. 50-year model, Elle Machphereon has been working on the super elixir containing coconut water with vitamins and minerals to maintain her physique. Miatake mushrooms Martin Prado Youth Jersey , Chinese herbs, digestive enzymes and few super greens were also found to be some of the ingredients present in the super elixir and boast of reducing skin stress and producing a healthy complexion. Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow are few other celebrities who follow organic skin solutions.


Skin care had grown importance during the past decade and several protein & cosmetic treatments for healthy skin are easily available in the market. Employing supplements in beverages is an innovative approach and with the advent of technology, bioactive drinks are expected to rule the market in the coming 5 years. Extensive supply chain marketing employed by the manufacturers had spiked up the popularity of these drinks. This is clearly justified with the fact that in 2008 alone, over 300 beauty drinks have been launched into the market. With new players entering the market, and boasting characters like anti-ageing & rejuvenating skin glow Jose Fernandez Youth Jersey , beauty drinks market is expected to flourish with wide spread recognition in the coming 10 years.

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