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The country?s largest motor show has already opened its doors and the public is once again treated to a wide display of amazing concept vehicles and production vehicles. One of the redesigned production vehicles for the 2008 model year is the Jeep Liberty.

The mid-size sport utility vehicle was introduced back in the year 2002 and this year marks its first redesign. The upgrades in the 2008 Jeep Liberty are made to further enhance the off-road driving capability of the nimble Jeep Liberty.

The 2008 installment of the Jeep Liberty is equipped with a new independent front suspension which gives it the ability to tackle rough terrain without sacrificing the comfort of its occupants. A five-link rear suspension is also part of the enhancements made to the Jeep Liberty. Handling is also refined with the inclusion of a power rack-and-pinion steering gear. The combination of the suspension and steering system gives the Jeep Liberty one of the best off-road driving capabilities found in its class.

The 2008 model year version of the Jeep Liberty can also come with either a Selec-Trac II or a Command-Trac drive system. The Selec-Trac is a full-time four wheel drive configuration while the Command-Trac is a part-time four wheel drive system. Consumers can choose between the two for their choice of wheel drive systems which would suit their needs or driving preferences.

The power of the 2008 Jeep Liberty comes from a 3.7-liter single overhead cam V6 engine. The powerplant produces 210 units of horsepower at 5 Marcus Stroman Youth Jersey ,200 revs per minute and produces torque of 235 lb-ft at 4,000 rpm. To transfer that power from the engine to the wheels, two choices of gear boxes are available. Consumers can either opt for a six-speed manual transmission or a four-speed automatic transmission. Both of which are energy efficient just like the Jeep window motors that powers the vehicle?s power windows. The smooth gear changes facilitated by either of the two transmissions improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

The 2008 Jeep Liberty has an EPA gas mileage rating of 23 miles per gallon which is truly an improvement over the previous versions of the Liberty.

Aside from the changes in its performance parts Troy Tulowitzki Youth Jersey , the Jeep Liberty also received improvements in its exterior and interior design. The redesigned Liberty is characterized by rugged looks found in its ancestors. One of the most notable features of the 2008 Jeep Liberty is its Sky Slide? technology. It is essentially a canvass roof that fully opens to give that ?Only in a Jeep? open air feel.

The interior of the vehicle is also upgraded to give the vehicle better versatility. Storage capacity is increased compared to the previous version of the vehicle. The seats are also improved to provide better comfort to consumers even on extended road trips.

When it comes to safety, the Jeep Liberty boasts of a lot of advanced safety features which are designed to avoid accidents or reduce dramatically the risk of sustaining severe injuries. The Jeep Liberty is equipped with an Electronic Stability Program which allows it to make tight turns without the risk of rolling over. Aside from that, the new Jeep Liberty also features Electronic Roll Mitigation Joe Carter Youth Jersey , All-speed Traction Control, and Brake Assists. Standard features for the vehicle also include anti-lock braking systems, rain sensing wipers Roberto Alomar Youth Jersey , tire pressure monitors, and a complete lineup of airbags.

The 2008 Jeep Liberty will be hitting showrooms in the United States by the third quarter of this year.

Anyone who is physically active has to be aware of certain health and medical issues, and women’s sports medicine is now quite advanced when it comes to advising women who are involved with exercise and sports. If you are a physically active woman it’s important to note that you can minimize your chances of injury as well as other conditions you need to pay close attention to when you exercise. Read on for some helpful information regarding the above topics that this article will discuss.

Those women who do exercise and participate in sports regularly need to consider seeing a doctor that specializes in women’s sports medicine. Though many believe these to be the type of doctor athletes see only after an injury Russell Martin Womens Jersey , the reality is that a sports medicine specialist can guide you through avoiding or preventing injuries as well. If you’re prone to certain types of problems, such as with your knees or back for example, a sports medicine physician can advise you on how to treat these conditions and prevent them from recurring.

These are also the doctors who can give you advice on the best course of treatment whenif you do have a serious injury. You should make sure you find an experienced physician who has a good reputation in this field. Some of the most common sports related injuries Josh Donaldson Womens Jersey , for women as well as men, are stress fractures. These are very small breaks in bones, and usually occur from repetitive stress activities Kevin Pillar Womens Jersey , such as running or jumping. These usually occur in the lower half of the body. Repetitive activities, such as rowing or pitching, can cause this problem in your elbows Marcus Stroman Womens Jersey , shoulders or arms. You are prone to this injury when you first start a new activity, so build up your endurance gradually. Make sure to see a doctor promptly if you suspect any kind of fracture.

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