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By Luan Xiang

BEIJING, July 26 (Xinhuanet) - He is nothing like the girly Japanese Hello Kitty living in a world of pink and kawaii, neither is he like Disney’s Tom who has spent decades chasing his one nemesis: Jerry the mouse.

Nope. He is one of his own kind, and he is Chinese.

This is a cartoon cat created in traditional Chinese brush painting and oriental watercolors. His name, as you and I shall address him by, is Wuhuang, meaning “My Emperor”, or a better translation -- “Your Imperial Majesty”, because usually it comes with a hail of “Long live!”.

And does he not deserve the grand title!

His Majesty rules over his human and his human’s pet bulldog, and he does not bow to no one, for he is proud -- bordering arrogant -- and solemnly dignified, as suggested by the name, or at least according to the way he perceives of himself.

“Oh I just love the look on your face that you can’t stand me but either can you get rid of me”.

And what he thinks of his human...

BUT! In order to earn a can of tuna, he would bear the condescension to allow kisses from his human subjects, and in cases necessary, tame a few fresh newcomers with his ultimate stare of irresistible cuteness.

“All the sacrifice I’ve made in order to get a can of wet food! But since we are both dudes, let’s keep it at a graceful limit okay?”

”Being it human or immortal, whomever stands beyond me shall be conquered by my cuteness”!

Most importantly, he is wise: The cat knows the way of the Chinese living like many philosophers before him, and he shares his wisdom with his 2 million human followers.

BEIJING Luol Deng Lakers Jersey , Oct. 13 (Xinhua) -- President Xi Jinping stressed the urgency of strengthening global governance and reforming the global governance system against a backdrop of growing global challenges, according to a Tuesday press release.

Reform is about "laying down rules for the international order and international mechanisms" and "deciding in which direction the world will head," Xi said at a study session of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee.

"It is not simply a case of competing for the high ground of economic development, but what roles and functions nations will play in the long-term systemic arrangement of the international order JaVale McGee Lakers Jersey ," according to Xi.

The rise of developing countries has brought revolutionary changes to the world order, he said. For centuries, powerful countries divided the world and competed for profit and power through war and colonization, but that has been replaced in today's world by rules and mechanisms to balance different interests Lance Stephenson Lakers Jersey , he said.

"Today, more than at any time before, countries need to negotiate. Problems are not limited within borders, and challenges cannot be handled by any country alone Josh Hart Lakers Jersey ," the president said at the meeting.

He cited China's coordination of the Belt and Road regional trade and infrastructure network and its proposal for a new, more cooperative model of major-country relations as examples of a focus on common interests.

Xi also called for establishing new mechanisms and rules for international economic and financial cooperation and regional cooperation, and reforming "unjust and improper arrangements in the global governance system."

Xi said international economic and financial organizations, including the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank Lonzo Ball Lakers Jersey , should move forward to "reflect changes in the international landscape."

In particular, they should boost representation and the voices of emerging economies and developing countries.

He also advocated democratic and law-based rules to guide global governance so that the global governance system represents the will and interests of a majority of countries in a more balanced manner.

The international community also needs capacity building to cope with global challenges in sectors ranging from energy, food, the Internet and information security Kentavious Caldwell-Pope Lakers Jersey , global climate change, terrorism and epidemic control, Xi added.

Xi stressed "resolutely safeguarding" the international order and a system centered on the UN Charter principles, as well as "safeguarding and consolidating" the benefits that resulted from the victory in WWII.

"The purposes and principles of the UN Charter are not dated Kyle Kuzma Lakers Jersey ," Xi said, adding that the fact that they have not been effectively implemented is to blame for rivalries and injustices today.

Xi also called for upholding an open world economic regime and "taking a clear-cut stand against" trade and investment protectionism.

Additionally, Xi said China should defend its own interests as well as the common interests of developing countries, and focus not only on its needs as it develops Rajon Rondo Jersey , but also on the expectations the international community places on China.

Xi urged efforts to build a "community of common destiny" and to promote global governance featuring mutual consultation, efforts and sharing.

Nine months after the Charlie Hebdo attack in which some of France's most celebrated cartoonists were shot dead, the satirical magazine began moving Tuesday into new high-security offices in southern Paris, sources said.

The remaining members of the editorial team have left their temporary home at the Paris offices of the French daily Liberation Isaac Bonga Jersey , which took in the survivors of the jihadist gun attack at Charlie Hebdo in January.

Brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi gunned down 12 people in and around Charlie Hebdo's offices, while their accomplice Amedy Coulibaly killed a further five people during the three days of attacks in the French capital.

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