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The bond relating to the direction of stock price movements and trends in interest rates has been long recognized. As a general rule nike vapormax off white pas cher , stocks tend to rise in price during periods that interest rates decline and to make relatively little progress, on balance, during periods that interest rates advance.

The tie involving the direction and levels of rates of interest as well as the overall performance of the stock market, once more, are very well known hence the old saying: Never fight the Fed. Despite the fact that correlations are, again nike air max 97 ultra pas cher , not quite perfect, generally, stocks do best when interest rates are steady to declining, and worst when interest rates are volatile and rising.

Hardly a big surprise if you take into account the positive impacts of comparatively low interest rates on the financial system as well as on the stock market. Low interest rates, for instance, result in reduced home loan payments nike air max 97 premium pas cher , which support the pricing of homes and real estate, which leads to increased building, which benefits all those industries associated with office and home building and contributes to homeowners’ sense of well-being, which leads them to spend more money on products or services, and so on.

Low interest rates also support business investment, the purchase of inventory nike air max 97 undefeated noir , installment sales to the public, and so forth–all that are good for business conditions.

Low interest rates reduce the competitiveness of long-term bonds, shorter term money market funds, and bank cd’s in comparison to the stock market. This boosts the concentration of investments into stocks and, thus, directly and indirectly into completely new and well-known firms.

Conferences of the Federal Reserve Board are assessed in the financial press for indications of policy changes which may impact the levels of interest rates. The Fed continues to be rather responsive to the possible effects of financial policies upon the stock market nike air max 97 undefeated blanche , in recent decades moving speedily to lower short-term interest rates (that are under its control) anytime the stock market runs into considerable trouble. As an example, the Fed lowered rates quickly following the market crash of 1987 and through the market correction of 1990, decreased rates a dozen times during the 2000-2002 bear market, and maintained reduced rates during the market recovery of 2003.

Rate of change measurements determine momentum, which is the rate at which price changes are taking place. Think about a golf drive, for example. A well-hit ball leaves the tee quickly nike air max 97 undefeated pas cher femme , rising and gaining altitude quickly Momentum can be quite high.

Although it may be tough to estimate the carry of the drive in its first rise from the tee, it is often possible to ascertain, from the initial rate of rise of the ball, that it is a well-hit drive, likely to carry for some considerable distance. Ultimately, the rate of climb of the ball obviously decreases and the ball will lose momentum. At this time nike air max 97 og pas cher , an estimate of the final distance of the drive could be more easily made.

The key idea involved is that rates of rise diminish before declines actually get under way. The falling rate of change of the drive provides advance warning that the ball is soon going to fall to the ground.

Making use of both interest levels and the rate of change indicator will help you better spot major market reversals at both the top and bottom of bull and bear markets.

Jerry Wooten is an angel investor together with a writer. He publishes a range of reports about stock trading. To discover by far the most sophisticated stock investing software package on the planet which has enhanced my accuracy rate to 75% see: stock screener

WASHINGTON, Aug. 10 (Xinhua) -- For a second consecutive day, U.S. President Donald Trump took to Twitter to fire at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell over a protracted GOP failure to repeal and replace the country's current health care system.

"Can you believe that Mitch McConnell, Who has screamed Repeal & Replace for 7 years, couldn't get it done," Trump made a tweet on Thursday morning.

The attacks on McConnell came less than a day after Trump pushed back the Kentucky Republican's early remarks that suggested the president's lack of experience in legislating had resulted in "excessive expectations" for passing a major bill.

The Senate rejected late July the latest GOP health care draft nike air max 97 femme pas cher , a move that sank Trump's bid to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as the Obamacare, after three Republican senators crossed party lines to join Democrats.

The sparring marked the strained relations and frustrations between Trump and Republican congressmen, who have achieved little progress in legislative agenda since January despite the Republicans control both the House and Senate.

In an evening event at his home district on Monday, McConnell told audience that he found it "extremely irritating" that there is an impression that Congress is underperforming.

"Part of the reason I think the storyline is that we haven't done much is because, in part nike air max 97 homme pas cher , the president and others have set these early timelines about things need to be done by a certain point," McConnell said.

Trump, a political newcomer who "has not been in this line of work before," had "excessive expectations about how quickly things happen" in legislative progress, the senior Republican stressed.

While on a 17-day "working vacation" at his golf club in Bedminster in the state of New Jersey, Trump took the first shot at McConnell's criticism on Wednesday.

"Senator Mitch McConnell said I had 'excessive expectations nike air max 97 pas cher ,' but I don't think so," Trump wrote in a tweet. "After 7 years of hearing Repeal & Replace, why not done?"

Joining the attacks on McConnell's Kentucky remarks was Dan Scavino Jr., the White House social media director.

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