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There is one thing in this world that there is no getting around. Everybody thinks they can be a star [url=]Nick Foles Jersey[/url] , or at least wants to be, whether it's as a singer, songwriter, actor, ball player or circus clown. It doesn't matter how much talent we have or don't have. We all believe there is something we can do that is of a creative nature that can make us famous. Writing is one of those things.

Take a journey to the local library or book store. There are more books about more things than you can possibly imagine. Everyone's got an opinion on something and many of these people have put their opinions into print. Aside from opinions [url=]DeSean Jackson Jersey[/url] , people also write about facts. Think of how many biographies their are. Many of the topics overlap. There are a number of different biographies on people like John F. Kennedy, all written by different authors. So what is it that makes all of these books different? It is one thing, and it is the most important thing if you are going to be a writer.

It's called being yourself.

There was an episode of MASH where Radar took a creative writing course. He started using all these fancy words that he had never used before. When Potter began to read the daily reports he noticed that they sounded a bit odd. When he questioned Radar, he told Potter that he was taking a creative writing course. Potter smelled the scam. Eventually, Potter had enough of the daily reports that sounded like a bad novel and told Radar to can it. When Radar asked him what he thought of his writing personally [url=]Randall Cunningham Jersey[/url] , Potter told him he didn't think much of it. He said it sounded like he had swallowed a dictionary, that none of that sounded like him. Radar then told Potter that he was just doing what the book told him, to which Potter replied, "Son, the first thing about being a good writer is to be yourself".

So just what is being yourself? It means to write what you feel [url=]Clayton Thorson Jersey[/url] , how you think and not what you believe you're supposed to feel and think like. If you are thinking of writing a book and are very much interested in gardening but have no interest at all in mysteries and somebody tells you that you'll make a lot more money writing a good mystery, it would be pointless for you to even try. Why? Because having no knowledge or interest in the material you would only be writing what you think the mystery should be written like and most likely will end up copying from other mysteries. The end result will be predictable and not very well written.

As for writing styles themselves, let's say you do like mysteries. Don't try to write like Agatha Christie, unless you have a similar style. Write how YOU want to write. Yes, we all want to make money and we think that if we copy a popular style that we'll be successful. The truth is [url=]Shareef Miller Jersey[/url] , the writing will come out as forced and the end result will not be anywhere near as good as the source you copied from.

Being yourself, while logically should come easy, is sometimes the hardest thing to do, especially if you have never written before. You don't have a clue what's going to come out, if it will be good or bad. That's okay. But tapping into your inner resources you will find out what is inside of you. What is good you can use and what isn't good you can improve upon or discard.

If the talent is there [url=]JJ Arcega-Whiteside Jersey[/url] , you will find it.

Open Mic Night at Bogart聮s Coffee House

Posted by Rideyellow on September 22nd, 2015

An open mic or open mike (resultant from open microphone) is a live display where spectators have the chance to perform at the microphone. Commonly, the performers sign up in advance for a time slot with the organiser or chief of formalities. These events are usually concentrated on performance arts like poetry and the spoken word, music, and comedy. The host in the poetryspoken word open mics are generally a poet or vocal artist or members amongst the onlookers. A sign-up is done before the beginning of the show [url=]Miles Sanders Jersey[/url] , so that the organiser of the show has a complete list of names to announce from. Poetryspoken word open mics are composed & comprise of lively discussion between the readers orand artists. They generally take place in the libraries, cafes, book stores, coffee houses or bars. Every artist is frequently asked to keep their pieces to a specified time period, so that every performer gets enough time to share a portion of their work.

Comedy open mic nights can be hosted at recognized comedy clubs [url=]Andre Dillard Jersey[/url] , but are more frequently held at other sites with or without a stage, often the upstairs or back room of a pub or bar. These types of nights give fresher acts an opening to exercise and develop, with a vision to getting the paid work. The artists who perform the acts with greater experience get an opportunity to work out newer stuff where the spectators do not pay in hope of seeing their usual act. In a usual open mic night, fresher acts will get three or perhaps five minutes of stage time, but more skilled acts may get ten or even more minutes for display. Open mic comedy nights are most common in larger English-speaking towns with a deep-rooted stand-up comedy scene. In these cities [url=]Eagles Kids Jersey[/url] , with a surplus of ambitious comedians, the greatest test is in fascinating a worthwhile audience.

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