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Enameled Copper Wire  is a widely used standard type of wire, It has a very low resistance (ohms/foot). This allows it to carry higher amps with out getting to hot. Ohms/foot is a however a negative effect. Regardless, read on.

Magnet wire is used to create the magnetic effect. Magnet wire is copper wire with a special enameled coating. The coating acts as insulator, this allows the wire to be wrapped many times in a coil (circle). Maxwell showed us that when wire is wrapped in a coil the electrons passing thru the wire will create a magnetic field perpendicular to the current flow. The action of multiple windings multiplies the magnetic effect. In physics this is referred to as the right hand rule. (google it). A common device using this process is the electo-magnet. An audio speaker is an electro-magnet with a paper cone attached. The music in the form of a varying voltage drives the magnet to move the paper cone, our ears will pick up these audio variations of the air.

So the answer to your question; ‘the enameled insulation”. btw, the thinness of the enamel increases efficiency, decreasing the overall size, more wraps per cubic centimeter, more magnetic effect, denser magnetic filed, ie. strength.

Maxwell wrote his equations defining electro magnetic fields when he was 19 y/o and Einstein used those equations to formulate many of his theories.

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