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WoW Gold Hot sale at Raiditem - [Cheap Price] & [Fast Delivery] >>100% Safe

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"New Quests

The War Campaign continues with a new chapter for both factions. Hunters will be able to complete the "Never Hunt Alone" questline to tame Hati again, and Magni's efforts to heal Azeroth continue.

Wintergrasp's Back!

Wintergrasp will be added to the pool of Epic Battlegrounds in Patch 8.1.5.

Darkmoon Faire Roller Coaster

Darkmoon Faire received a new roller coaster in Patch 8.1.5. A ride will give you the WHEE! WHEE! buff that increases Experience and Reputation gains by 10% for 1 hour, similar to the Darkmoon carousel.

Darkmoon Faire Roller Coaster"

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