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New Maruti Swift Review and Specifications
Posted On : Dec-05-2011 | seen (97) times | Article Word Count : 522 |

The new Swift has finally arrived but not yet arrived literally. Yes [url=http://www.teamravensjerseys.com/Chris-Wormley-Jersey/]Chris Wormley Jersey[/url] , the car has been launched and had also been open to bookings until recently. The new Swift has finally arrived but not yet arrived literally. Yes, the car has been launched and had also been open to bookings until recently. The car has once again got a record advance booking of close to 1lakh and the company had to happily stop the bookings. Even if you were one of those few lucky ones who could manage to get some early bookings the car would still take close to 6 months to reach your hands. The recent strike at the Manesar plant has not done much to help the cause as well.

The car has once again set the same rage as the previous version. In fact it is really hard to tell the difference as well if you just had a glimpse at the car. The new car is different in terms of the platform it is built. The car is also longer with 90 mm in length and the width has also grown by 5mm. The same height has been retained but the wheelbase of the car is bigger by 40 mm.

These minute benefits make their presence felt with slightly improved space in the cabin and makes the car feel a lot premium in terms of the size. The passengers are at the back now have a better knee space. The slightly forward indents at the back of the front seats have made life easy for the knees of the back passengers. This however does not take away the claustrophobic feel of the car at the back owing to the small Swift takes its beauty cues from the likes of the Kizashi and the car surely has gone a notch higher. The instruments look like brand material and the controls built in on the steering add to the premiumness. The quality of the equipments could still have been improved by a margin or two and then the boot space reminds you if the car has made any improvements at all.

The car is now younger with its 1.2 K-series petrol and also gets the Hyundai type variable valve timing (VVT) which invariably pumps a better power up to 86bhp. The engine has surely been a huge improvement from the past and is definitely notches higher than the current version. The car does not mind being throttled and is also a lot more refined in terms of the engine quality. The car also delivers a uniform torque curve which is more flat and ensures there is equal power delivery. Till you hit the red line the car has no complaints and responds without any back answer or grunting. The company also claims that the VVT on the 1.2 K-series engine is also better in terms of the mileage and has an improvement of up to four percent in the fuel efficiency. This new improved car delivers an impressive mileage of 18.6kpl. On the whole the new Swift is surely a lighter, bigger and hugely spacious compared to the previous version. The car is also much improved on the inside with better robust performance, ride and handling and enhanced fuel economy. A kidney stone also called as Nephrolithiasis [url=http://www.teamravensjerseys.com/Tyus-Bowser-Jersey/]Tyus Bowser Jersey[/url] , is the condition in which, some chemicals become concentrated in the urine to form the crystal, which makes their way through the urinary tract. But if in any condition, it gets stuck somewhere [url=http://www.teamravensjerseys.com/Marlon-Humphrey-Jersey/]Marlon Humphrey Jersey[/url] , so, it may block the flow of urine and cause unbearable pain.

There are four different types of kidney stones like Calcium Stone, Uric Acid, Struvite [url=http://www.teamravensjerseys.com/Hayden-Hurst-Jersey/]Hayden Hurst Jersey[/url] , and Cystine. All the conditions are very painful and easily get prevented. Thwarting the condition is not very hard, but can be achieved only if you opt for a healthy diet plan. Here is a very simple and easy to follow diet that prevents the kidney stones.

Drink Plenty Of Water: Water has the solution to all your problems. From tiny acne on your face to kidney stones, it can treat everything. Therefore, you should drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and to keep diseases at bay. Drinking adequate amount of water on a daily basis may help you prevent the occurring of the problem.

Add Calcium To Your Diet: Lack of calcium in your body can cause oxalate levels to rise [url=http://www.teamravensjerseys.com/Justin-Tucker-Jersey/]Justin Tucker Jersey[/url] , which form the kidney stones. Therefore, in an order to prevent the condition, you should add a good quantity of calcium to your diet as per your age or body need.

Say No To Foods That Form It: Foods like Beetroot, Chocolate [url=http://www.teamravensjerseys.com/Jimmy-Smith-Jersey/]Jimmy Smith Jersey[/url] , Nuts, Spinach, Tea, etc. are a big no for the patient already dealing with the condition or wants to prevent it from occurring. Consult your doctor before adding any such food in your diet to know at least the appropriate quantity as per your body need.

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