The first step of BIM project cycle

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The first step of BIM project cycle

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Building Information Facility Management refers to as the coordinated and integrated sequence of processes carried out in order to improve or increase efficiency of primary activities during construction. Improved Building Information Facility Management includes number of resources as well as sequence of activities. Effective building information facility management is a sign of success for any firms incorporating or providing facility management services. Another advantage of effective building information facility management is that it provides a satisfied safe environment which improves performance and efficiency of any firm. The responsible person who takes care of all sequential processes for building information facility management is Facility Manager.

Roles of Building Information Facility Manager:

The major and core area of concern for Facility Manger is Space Management. The other scope of facility manager includes building maintenance services, building administration services [url=]Daniel Sedin Olympics Jersey[/url] , contract management services etc. Facility manager also have to look after other safety services like fire detection, public address and communication services and building infrastructure etc.

Origin of Building Information Facility Management:

The primary reason for origination of building information facility management was to provide people with safe and high quality of living with ample facilities. Prior to building information facility management there were many issues which arises at the time of construction of commercial as well as residential sectors due to lack of coordination and planning. Thus this made projects too tedious and highly expensive also. So Building Information Facility Management came into picture and is considered as an important tool for cost effective completion of projects. Building Information Facility Management has became a large and complex platform which includes coordination personalities of different domains.

Various Personalities contributing towards Building Information Facility Management:

1. Contractors

2. Builders

3. Design Engineers

4. Modelers

5. Detailers

6. Estimation Engineers

7. Consultants

Building Information Modeling with Facility Management:

The BIM model created by design engineers and expert modelers are not only a realistic 3D model but also plays an important role beyond the design phase during actual construction phase. BIM models contains high level of information and are very descriptive containing all the required information so that no issued occurs during construction phase.

Following are BIM 鈥?project cycle steps:

Model Management:

The first step of BIM project cycle is the creation of smart models using advanced software鈥檚 like Revit, ArchiCAD etc. These models are made by the team of modelers and designers along with BIM Project Manager on the top who takes care of all BIM sequential activities.

Construction Management:

This stage consists of conversion of realistic 3D models to actual construction on site and is called virtual design to construction. There is reduction in overall time as well as manpower during construction phase because of BIM models as these models contains sufficient information which plays an important role in construction. Many contractors [url=]Gabriel Landeskog Olympics Jersey[/url] , structural engineers, sub contractors are involved in this stage.

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