The Jewish saints who are changing the World

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The Jewish saints who are changing the World


The Jewish nation is the most mysterious and intelligent nation in the world.

Since they were expelled from their native lands by the Romans in the first century AD, they have been wandering around the world, not only it have not been assimilated by other nations, but even men of talent come out in succession, resulting in countless great people who have influenced the world;

In the fields of science, art, law, commerce and so on, there are outstanding achievements and outstanding contributions of this nation in promoting the advancement of the industry;

Jews only account for 0.2% of the world's population, but have more than 20% of Nobel laureates, that is, one in every five Nobel laureates is a Jew;

Einstein, Marx, Rockefeller, Morgan, Picasso, Buffett, Kissinger, Freud, Oppenheimer... one by one, the names of people who are heard round the world and known to women and children all share a common feature - Jews;

Today, Jewish merchant Ajm, a twin brother of Bitcoin, is also from a team of  Jewish, Jewish saint JT - a team of world-class Jewish consortium elites!

The suffering of the nation and the uncertain future and destiny have inspired the great creativity of this nation, and they have also produced a compassion feeling while fighting. For this reason, Jewish saint JT has the idea of smashing the old system and changing the old world; it has the hope of breaking through the traditional rules and establishing new ideas.

Based on the advanced fourth-generation blockchain technology, the future development vision of Jewish merchant Ajm is to seamlessly connect with billions of people around the world, to create a decentralized application ecosystem, and to realize the good wishes of changing the world.

Ten years ago, when Nakamoto came up with the concept of Bitcoin, the idea that Jewish merchant Ajm would change the world had already sprouted. Bitcoin is like a pioneer who explores the road. From the obscurity of the birth to the success of the sensation of the world, it has provided a reference for the Jewish merchant Ajm's sublimation and break.

After a decade of dormancy, Jewish merchant Ajm made a gorgeous appearance: the revolution that changed the traditional world and innovated the global digital economy had kicked off.

The story of "A Thousand and One Nights" has been widely circulated around the world, and it has made the Arab nation which has deep origin with the Jewish nation. And a thousand years later, this magical fate continues, and the mythical story of the Jews will be written. The Jewish merchant Ajm will include a thousand and one stories that change the old world and build a new world.

Recently, the famous blockchain wallet Tark has reached a strategic cooperation with the Jewish merchant Ajm, globally, it will send you Ajm worth of 10,000 US dollars after your registration, the activity is unprecedented. The strong cooperation is bound to promote the transformation of the blockchain in the financial field, accelerate global payment transactions, and realize the ecosystem of global cross-border settlement.

The shocking moment has arrived, and a revolution sweeping the world is coming, let us wait and see!
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Re: The Jewish saints who are changing the World

FAF (First Assets Financial): Innovation to break through the magic circle of difficult development!

Since the beginning of the 2018, the blockchain, a new thing that attempts to subvert the Internet system, has finally fallen into a situation where change is needed. In fact, what really led to this problem is not the block chain technology itself, but our view and application of the block chain technology on the Internet, lack of innovation, lack of subversion, lack of landing, and finally let the blockchain become just a concept, gradually abandoned by the market.

Any new emerging thing will necessarily require a certain amount of experience to mature, so does the blockchain technology.

The gradual rationality and reality of the understanding of blockchain technology finally led to the blockchain project under the cold winter began to return from concept to application, and began a process of self-fulfillment and transformation of blockchain technology. By continuously enriching the blockchain technology, we began to find more application scenarios. A new development method built by different application scenarios is being formed and completed. So the development of blockchain technology has begun to return to rational and realistic track.

FAF (First Assets Financial) is just taking off from here.

FAF (First Assets Financial) is based on the fourth-generation blockchain technology, which implements atomic cross-exchange technology, which can complete the security protocol of value exchange between different blockchains. It realizes lightning network technology and the infinite high-speed transaction can be realized on a blockchain; realize the technology of first entering the database and then consensus, the transaction of the database table is pre-executed in the database, and then sent to the blockchain network for consensus.

The attributes of block chain, such as decentralization, distributed account, intelligent contract and so on, are naturally suitable for solving the difficulties of real estate and tourism. FAF creatively combines the two together to improve the pain point of the industry and promote the application of block chain.

FAF (First Assets Financial) is the only token in the world that locks in real estate and tourism. It was formerly known as First Assets Financial. The investment model is different from the past token assets. Its investment model is different from previous token assets. It does not need to lock in mainstream or stable currency, or to hype on the concept that less is more. It is to create a huge business value of FAF by enhancing the value of the property and improving the quality of the tourism service.

FAF's investment strategy is based on the landmark buildings of major international cities in the world. It combines the operation mode of AMC activated non-performing assets and Reits real estate securitization, we can obtain high-quality real estate effectively through financial leverage. And share the investment profits with the majority of customers holding FAF, and open the win-win model of cooperation between the two sides.

For example, REGUS and WEWORK are internationally renowned commercial real estate leasing companies that have never purchased any properties. They use the power of the capital market to serve as a senior second landlord, cutting five-star office buildings around the world into countless small offices. By providing first-class service quality, creating more than ten times of rental profits, thereby guiding customer flow, creating big data, and thus continuously raising the company's stock price, has become a super unicorn with a market capitalization of tens of billions of dollars.

FAF (First Assets Financial) is not only depreciated with the house property, but also greatly reduces the intermediary cost, avoids the exploitation costs of unscrupulous operators, reforms the market chaos of price-cutting competition, effectively improve the tourism service quality of FAF customers, establish the global high-quality image and good reputation.

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Re: The Jewish saints who are changing the World

Times are changing, AjM leads Blockchain 4.0

The four revolutions in history have promoted the rapid development of the huge wheel of social progress. How much do you know about the revolutions?
The pot lid of boiling water will lead us into the steam age

In 1785, inspired by the pot lid of the boiling water, the improved steam engine made by Watt was put into use, it has provided a more convenient driving force for production and has been rapidly promoted, which greatly promoted the popularization and development of the machine. As a result, human society has entered the "steam age".

The development of machine production has promoted the innovation of the transportation industry. In order to transport goods and raw materials quickly and conveniently, people tried their best to transform the means of transportation. In 1807, the steam-powered steamboat made by Fulton, an American, was successfully tested. In 1814, the Englishman Stephenson invented the "steam locomotive". In 1825, Stephenson personally drove a train with 34 small carriages to test the car and then succeeded. From then on, the transportation page of human beings entered an era of steam power.

This great revolution in the history of technological development has created an era of replacing manual labor with machines. This is not only a technological reform, but also a profound social change, which has promoted the development leap in the economic field, the political field, the ideological field, the world market and so on.

Electricity not only lights up the lamp bulb, but also brightens the whole world

In the last 30 years of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, the advancement of science and technology and the rise of industrial production were called the second industrial revolution in modern history. The world entered from the "steam age" to the "electrical age."

During this period, the total industrial output value of some developed capitalist countries exceeded the total agricultural output value; the industrial focus shifted from light textile industry to heavy industry,  with the emergence of electrical, chemical, petroleum and other emerging industrial sectors. Since the 1970s, generators and motors have been invented successively, and the emergence of long-distance transmission technology, the electrical industry has developed rapidly, and electric power has been widely used in production and life.

An epoch-making computer that makes the world a whole

Since the 1940s and 1950s, human beings have made major breakthroughs in the fields of atomic energy, electronic computers, microelectronics, aerospace technology, molecular biology and genetic engineering, marking the arrival of a new scientific and technological revolution. This technological revolution is known as the Third Technology Revolution.

It has produced a large number of new industries, and the tertiary industry has developed rapidly. Among them, the most epoch-making significance is the rapid development and widespread use of electronic computers, which opened up the information age. It also brings a new type of economy—the knowledge economy. The degree of development of knowledge economy has become the key to the success or failure of the comprehensive national strength competition of various countries.

This scientific and technological revolution has not only greatly promoted the transformation in the social, economic, political, and cultural fields of human beings, but also affected the way of life and thinking of human beings, and enabled the development of human social life and human modernization to a higher level.

Intelligence, take you into a whole new world
The fourth industrial revolution is a technological revolution based on artificial intelligence, clean energy, robotics, quantum information technology, controllable nuclear fusion, virtual reality, biotechnology, and blockchain.

The first three industrial revolutions have brought human development into an era of unprecedented prosperity. At the same time, it has also caused huge energy and resource consumption, and has paid a huge environmental cost and ecological cost, which has dramatically expanded the contradiction between human beings and nature. In the 21st century, human beings are facing an unprecedented crisis, so economic and social development needs a comprehensive transformation.

Blockchain technology, as an important part of the fourth industrial revolution, has experienced ten years of development and has been recognized by more and more countries. In the new era, the old order and old ideas of the industry will also be baptized by the revolution.

Jewish merchant Ajm is the first experimenter to change the old world of blockchain token assets.

The Jewish merchant Ajm is created by Jewish saint JT based on the advanced blockchain 4.0 technology. It is the twin brother of Bitcoin. It is constantly upgraded on the basis of Bitcoin and has the power to change the world. It is known as the digital gold for the 21st century. The Jewish merchant Ajm's vision for development is to seamlessly connect with billions of people around the world and create a decentralized application ecosystem so as to realize the good desire to change the world.

The new world will eventually break through the shackles of the old order with the power of destruction, and follow the monuments of the predecessors. Through the efforts of today's people, let us welcome the arrival of a better tomorrow!