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RSgoldfast RS gold to your game account

Dear, RS fans! Have you gathered enough cheap RuneScape gold in your bank? If not, RSGOLDFAST would like to offer a round of 60% off sale and a round of 80% off sale to all old and new customers. You can get cheap RS 3, RS 07 or Seasonal DMM gold by taking part in RSGOLDFAST May Top Deals. Then we will provide 6200M RS 3 gold, 820M RS 07 gold and 220M Seasonal DMM gold. Learn more information about this activity:When will RSGOLDFAST May Top Deals available?Round one for 60% Off Sale: at 03:00 a.m. GMT on May 16, 2018.Round two for 80% Off Sale: at 03:00 a.m. GMT on May 23, 2018.What can you get from the two round activities?

The 60% Off Sale provides 100 portions of 31M RS 3 gold, 4100K OSRS gold and 1100K Seasonal DMM gold respectively, which means totally 3100M RS gold, 410M RS 2007 gold and 110M Seasonal DMM gold. The 80% Off Sale provides the same amount of RS 3, RS 07 and Seasonal DMM gold. It means that you just need pay about $2 for $10 RS gold.Remind that you can save much money if you get one portion of RS gold in every round. Just behave actively in Round 1 for fear that you fail to get one portion of cheap RS gold in Round 2. Whether you join the first round or not, you can take part in round two as well.

How to join in RSGOLDFAST May discounted activity?1. Snap up one portion of RS gold you want on X% Off Sale Page once the countdown goes down to zero. (Tips: stay at the page a few minutes ahead the activity time to ensure you can get one portion of free RS gold).2. Contact our 24/7 Live Chat to claim your gold once you finish paying for your order.

Note:1. You can snap up ONE portion of RS gold ,OSRS gold or Seasonal DMM gold. We only deliver one portion of RS gold to your game account if you snapped up more than one portion of RS gold and we will refund the extra money of other portions of gold to you).2. Once you have achieved one portion of discounted gold, it is unchangeable. If you snap up one portion of RS 3 gold mistakenly, you aren't allowed to exchange it for OSRS gold.3. The price of discounted gold will set according to the price of event day.4. Visit RSGOLDFAST Facebook to get extra help if you have any question about this activity.RSGOLDFAST is a professional gold seller which can provide you cheap RS 3, RS 2007 gold and more. Visit our site regularly if you want to stock more cheap RS gold. Finally, mark the time to take part in RSGOLDFAST May Top Deals!