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One of the best rooms in the house that

I cannot count how many times I have heard that said to me. And my response would be [url=]Bryan Rust Youth Jersey[/url] , "I like Smoking" or " If it was a problem then I will quit" or something derogatory, or along those lines.

Or one of my favorite was " We all die sometime"

I always treated the person saying it to me as if they were the one who was stupid for telling me something that I already knew. I just got mad at them for reminding me that I was addicted to something that was surely killing me and I did not think I could quit.

I mean are you crazy I could not quit smoking, and as a matter of fact I could not go more than 4 hours without a cigarette or I would be pretty much climbing walls.

And that was the honest truth of the matter. I would be so irritable that you could not even look at me the wrong way without me getting agitated. And on days when I was not working I would smoke 1-2 every hour.

This was my daily cycle of never ending doom. But hey [url=]Justin Schultz Youth Jersey[/url] , I was in control I wanted to smoke, "Right"?

How on earth can I buy a pack of cigarettes every day that has a warning label stating "Warning the Surgeon General states that smoking causes lung cancer emphysema and a whole host of other deadly diseases"?

And continue to smoke them without giving a second thought to all of those warnings?

And continue to do this for more than 30 years?

Simple, I was an addict. And that is what an addict does.

And you can give me all the excuses in the world and I will just be a little bit in your face and tell you [url=]Olli Maatta Youth Jersey[/url] , that you must be an addict as well, so welcome to the club.

And like me when you do something for such a long period of time it just becomes a way of life


So if you really want to quit smoking, and the key word is [url=]Mario Lemieux Youth Jersey[/url] , " Really," then you should be seeking ways to quit.

That thing that you say that you enjoy, but deep down [url=]Sidney Crosby Youth Jersey[/url] , you really do not enjoy them " You Need Them!"

And that feeling of gratification is nothing more than you getting the nicotine in your blood stream up to its usual levels. When you can admit to yourself, No one Else, just you [url=]Jake Guentzel Youth Jersey[/url] , that you, have a problem then you have taken that big step in the direction to a new way of life.

That is the desire that is needed to quit smoking.

You have to admit there is a problem and then seek out ways to help you quit.

There are a lot of programs and ways to quit but I am not the person who will sit here and tell you which way to go because this will work, or that will work [url=]Matt Murray Youth Jersey[/url] , when the truth is only you can decide what is right for you.

I quit twice in my life. Once for 8 months and then it took me 8 years to quit again. I have been cigarette free now for 7 years and I consider it the greatest achievement of my life.

Your first step is to admit there is a problem. And then to seek out the best method for you to address that problem.

When you finally beat that demon, "and you will", you will be so happy that you did.

Being smoke free is an awesome way to live and you can choose to get there by admitting to yourself that you can Quit.

Start now and be free.


One of the best rooms in the house that any person would want to design is the bathroom. Because of the limited space that it has you are challenged on how to make that small and simple room look extraordinary. But it is good to know that this room is one of the most important parts of the house [url=]Derick Brassard Youth Jersey[/url] , which is why you need to make it efficient and stylish at the same time. Choosing the right furniture to put inside the bathroom is very tricky since you need to make sure that everything you place there is important and will have its own purpose.

You are not designing a bedroom or a living room so remember that every furniture inside the bathroom should effectively make use of the space. There is a lot of bathroom furniture vanity that you can choose from however, you should consider first certain factors before deciding on what to buy. Limitation of space does not mean a limited chance for you to design; it just means you need to be wise in choosing the furniture that you will buy and how you can perfectly position it inside.

When choosing for the right vanity furniture, it is important to consider the theme or design of your bathroom. Whether you like it or not it will become the focal point of the bathroom so make sure that it will perfectly blend with the theme of the room. You don't have to worry since there are different styles and finishes that can mix well with the room. Always consider the position of where you want to place the bathroom furniture vanity since not all of them are made to withstand the wet environment. Make sure that you place those kinds of materials somewhere where water won't be able to reach them [url=]Phil Kessel Womens Jersey[/url] , just so you can also prolong the life of your furniture.

When buying furniture, sometimes considering the overall size of the bathroom matters. You cannot buy those that are big if you only have a very small bathroom. But of course this does not limits you from buying small chairs or any other things just to give life in the room. However, if you have that huge type of bathroom then buying cabinets will be an option but make sure that you don't overcrowd the whole room. You always want bathrooms that are easy to move in and give you that fresh and clean feeling. Buying vanity furniture in sets will be easier for you to create that complete and organized look in your bathroom.

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