Newport 100s Cigarettes comes after the discovery

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Newport 100s Cigarettes comes after the discovery

Cigarette smoking is 'good for your memory space and concentration'

Smoking can help Carton  of Newport 100s Online concentration and the memory, providing hope of a nicotine tablet to help Alzheimer's sufferers

Smoking cigarettes can Buy Newports Online Cheap help boost memory as well as concentration, say scientists. The actual discovery offers hope of the nicotine pill that imitates these effects to treat Alzheimer's disease.

Experts are building drugs that copy the actual active ingredients in tobacco which stimulate the Carton Newport 100s Price brain without leading to heart disease, cancer, stroke or even addiction.

The move Newport 100s Cigarettes comes after the discovery that pure nicotine can boost the intelligence and also recall ability Wholesale Newport Cigarettes for Resale of creatures in laboratory experiments.

The particular researchers, who present their own latest findings at a mind conference today, hope that this new drugs, which will be obtainable in five years, could have less side effects than existing medications for dementia.

But they tension the new treatment would not become a cure for Alzheimer's illness. At best it will only provide patients a few extra a few months of independent life.