MapleStory 2 is finally announced in the West and in beta from May 9

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MapleStory 2 is finally announced in the West and in beta from May 9

We recall that in 2013, Nexon announced the development of Maplestory Mesos and South Korea, the revelation didn't begin indifferent since the very first opus is popular - in 2014, the match was still in the top 10 MMO the most profitable, eight years after its launching.

And if, because the first statements, Nexon additionally uttered at least an English edition, the match was waiting in the West. Till today.

Yesterday, in the MapleFest, Nexon affirmed not just the upcoming launch of a British variant of the game, but also the company of some Western beta evaluation, from May 9 to 16. And already, registrations are open on the official site - and they will stay only until May 6.

For the record MapleStory 2 takes again the esthetics and the principal codes of this first opus, but transposed this time in a world in simili 3D (instead of the side-scrolling of the first MapleStory). This new episode occurs in precisely the exact same universe as the first, but in a preceding period and confronting players with dark powers: based on the plot of the new album, the life, time and space of the entire world of MS2 Mesos are maintained by three Sages, but the forces of darkness disturb this equilibrium and the players might have to mobilize to remedy it.

To find concretely in Western variant from May 9, therefore, waiting for a free-to-play launching on a date still undetermined.