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BUENOS AIRES, Dec. 8 (Xinhua) -- China's recently released Policy Paper on Latin America and the Caribbean serves to strengthen ties between the two regions, analysts said.

Nadia Radulovich and Maria Cecilia Peralta, co-founders of the Argentine consulting group Asia Viewers, regard the document as a tool to generate, expand and improve a joint strategy for ties.

""The new document seeks to boost bilateral commitment through cooperation in various areas such as the economy, manufacturing, science and technology, information, investment and foreign trade, and take the comprehensive and cooperative partnership between China and Latin America to new heights,"" they said.

""The policy paper also underscores the potential to build on the existing relationship between the two regions,"" said the two experts, who serve as consultants to the Argentine Council for International Relations on China-related matters.

""The possibilities for exchange and cooperation between the parties are numerous, such as partnerships for comprehensive cooperation,"" they said.

In 2015, trade exchange between China and Latin America reached 236.5 billion U.S. dollars, according to Chinese statistics. The country has free-trade agreements with several regional countries such as Chile, Peru and Costa Rica.

The concerted growth came largely in the wake of China's first policy paper on Latin America issued in 2008.

In 2016, regional ties made more headway, including on the cultural front, with the Year of China-Latin America Cultural Exchange.

Today, China stands as the second largest trading partner and third largest foreign investor in the region, while Latin America is China's seventh biggest trade partner and a leading destination for Chinese foreign investment.

The consultants said financial cooperation regarding infrastructure, energy, trade, agriculture and joint food security will serve as the axis of China-Latin American ties in the coming years.

""We underscored the importance of studying and analyzing the document so our region can also adhere to the new Chinese commitment and make the most of the possibilities this new phase in relations can generate,"" the experts said.

" Breeding Cheap New York Giants Jerseys , knowledge, and high-quality horse tack can land you and your steed at some of the biggest shows in the country. Competing with top Hunter and Equitation horses and riders while simultaneously perfecting your riding, style and form in the show ring is no easy task. And the fact is Lawrence Taylor Giants Jersey , a lot of riders come out of the ring empty handed or wonder why they did not pin as high as they thought they would.

The Judges

Judges must watch a large number of horses and riders, paying attention to every move they make and in most cases, there is one judge for each ring at a horse show. Every judge sees and looks for something different. Depending on the judge’s view Darian Thompson Giants Jersey , they could have seen a mistake or not seen a mistake at all. Sometimes there can be three or more judges at different places around the arena that score the same course so that it is judged fairly.

Each judge sees the jumps from different angles so there are also several different scores in, for example, a hunter derby. All the judges scores are then added up to make one final score. And since they only have about two minutes to watch and score a horse or rider Wayne Gallman Giants Jersey , Judges must have a good eye and know what certain qualities to look for in the show ring.

There is a difference between each discipline of riding and judges follow specific guidelines and standards to score riders. Additionally, each judge has their own criteria of what they are looking for in a discipline of riding and they tend to score based what they like in a horse or rider. A fair judge will try to evaluate all of these factors simultaneously as the riders take to the ring or course.

The Hunter Horse

A hunter horse is a type of show horse that is judged on its movement, manners Kyle Lauletta Giants Jersey , and way of going, primarily while jumping fences. Hunter horses are shown in English tack, like a close contact saddle and a fitted white saddle pad Lorenzo Carter Giants Jersey , as opposed to the trail and work styles associated with western tack. Show hunters are shown over a course of 8 to 12 fences and there a few additional classes offered for horses shown in-hand or on the flat.

“Hunters are judged on quality, smoothness around the course, manners Landon Collins Giants Jersey , way of going and style of jumping, said judge Carol Dean-Porter. “Horses are compared to each other subjectively. Most judges place highest emphasis on jumping form and smoothness.”

The horse should also have a good attentive expression, good scope and tight knees that go up to the horse’s head as they jump in a round form over the fences. Not only should hunter horses possess all of the above qualities Ereck Flowers Giants Jersey , but they should also have a nice calm attitude, sound mind and a pleasant personality.

Ideal Hunter Horse

1. Flowing movement
2. Tight knees
3. Even and steady pace
4. Good round form over fences
5. Happy expression
6. The Equitation Rider

Equitation is judged solely on the rider. The horse is used as a way for the rider to show off his or her skills over a set course.
An equitation rider has a solid leg – the leg is tight around the horse’s stomach and not swinging.

The rider’s seat should be secure and they must have a good upright posture; not too far forward and not too far back. Their hands should be steady and their arms have a nice forward bend. While most riders know the basic equitation position, judging equitation is much more than placing a beauty pageant; it’s scoring that indefinable connection between a horse and a rider.

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