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Six years ago [url=http://www.officialsharks.com/authentic-adidas-logan-couture-jersey]http://www.officialsharks.com/authentic-adidas-logan-couture-jersey[/url] , quarterback Robert Griffin III was a lock to start in Washington. Now, he’s merely trying to stay on the roster in Baltimore.

He seems unfazed by the challenge.

Describing himself as an “old, young guy” of 28, Griffin took some of the second-team reps on Thursday, along with rookie Lamar Jackson. But, as Mike Jones of USA Today notes, during some segments of Thursday’s practice, Griffin “merely split a handful of snaps with fourth quarterback Josh Woodrum.”

Thus, as Jones points out, Griffin may not even make the team. Jackson’s arrival via round one presents the biggest threat to Griffin’s status [url=http://www.jaguarscheapshop.com/cheap-authentic-justin-blackmon-jersey]Justin Blackmon Jersey[/url] , but Griffin doesn’t come off as jealous or resentful.

鈥淲hen they drafted Lamar, I didn鈥檛 look at it as a shot at me or a shot at Joe [Flacco],鈥?Griffin said. 鈥淚t was 鈥極K, Lamar is coming in here, and it鈥檚 our job to help him learn the offense and help him compete.’ So, for me, my job is to show them that I鈥檓 an asset to the team and not a detriment. . . . One [reporter] asked me if I was trying to showcase for other teams. No, my focus is, 鈥業鈥檓 a Baltimore Raven. I鈥檓 showcasing to them that this is where I鈥檓 supposed to be.'”

He seems to be prepared for the adversity that may come.

鈥淚 feel like the chips have been stacked against me numerous times throughout my life, not just my career [url=http://www.thebroncosfootballauthentic.com/josey-jewell-jersey-authentic]Youth Josey Jewell Jersey[/url] ,鈥?Griffin said. 鈥淭he biggest thing I learned last year was, whatever your first instinct is to do when you are faced with an obstacle, when you face a challenge in life, that鈥檚 who you are. I feel like I鈥檓 a fighter. My first instinct is to continue to keep swinging, continue to keep trying, perfect my craft as best I can.

鈥淎 lot of people, their first instinct is to quit or to say, 鈥業t wasn鈥檛 me, it was that.’ You remember the stories of the guys in the bar who are telling stories of what great players they were in high school? And, 鈥業t wasn鈥檛 my fault.聽It was this and that.鈥?That鈥檚 never my reaction. My reaction has never been to do that.聽It鈥檚 been to go lift more weights. I go throw passes.”

Whether he’ll be throwing passes during the regular season for the Ravens or anyone else remains to be seen. But Griffin needs to be ready for anything [url=http://www.billsfootballauthentics.com/phillip-gaines-jersey-authentic]Youth Phillip Gaines Jersey[/url] , because as the last six years have proven, anything can happen.

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