HDMI port issue in Dell laptop

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If the users come across the issue of HDMI port malfunctioning on their Dell Laptop, the steps that the users would have to follow in order to resolve this issue is as given below:
• The users should disconnect the cable which connects the laptop with the device using the HDMI port.
• Then you would have to turn off the laptop and the device.
• Further, unplug the power cord of your laptop and then take out the battery from the rear end of the laptop.
• You would have to completely drain the remaining battery from the device by pressing and holding the power button.
• Then you should let the device rest for a few minutes.
• After a few minutes, the users can then insert the battery and switch on the laptop and the device.
• Connect the device with your laptop and check whether the problem has been solved.
If you find that the issue has not been rectified, then you would have to connect with dell tech support number. By doing so, you would get complete assistance from trained professionals to solve the issue that you are facing.

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