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LPL, in conjunction with Maori Television and 2K, are on the hunt for New Zealand’s best NBA 2K18 players to earn their right to be called the 1on1 NZ Champion! The tournament will be played across eight weeks and broadcast live on Maori Television on Sundays. More detailed information you can learn from gold.raiditem - the best MMORPG currency seller especially NBA 2K18 MT which obtained more than 10 years experience.​

Players are flown to Auckland each week to compete in best of three playoffs. The grand final will be contested on Sunday 30th September at a live best of five event in Auckland, with special guests, fan engagements and a live audience.

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NBA 2K continues to explode on a global scale and the NBA’s official 2K League announced this week that four new franchises - the Los Angeles Lakers, Minnesota Timberwolves, Atlanta Hawks and Brooklyn Nets - will join the competition next year.

LPL’s NBA 2K18 1on1 NZ Championship attracts a large number of contestants. Do you have a favorite team? Please continue to pay attention to gold.raiditem to get future information. By the way, when you find a cheap NBA 2K18 MT seller, please take gold.raiditem as your top option.

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