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 It is very important Cheap Newport Cigarettes Carton to detailed choose AGV models in addition to guidance methods that fulfill the actual requirements. In terms of the present status and conditions involving China's tobacco industry, probably the most widely used models are the forklift AGV, followed by Newport 100s forklift, push-pull, roller and traction. Probably the most widely used guidance is laser beam guidance, followed by electromagnetic assistance and inertial guidance. Appropriate job objects is dealing with volume package materials as well as finished products, tobacco, peduncle, tobacco,  leather, tow, Wholesale Newport Cigarettes for Resale taste spices, sugar, Marlboro  Red Regular Cigarettes glue, wear out smoke, waste, tray, textbox and other accessories AGV transporting achieved good application impact in practice, the basic form a fixed mode, namely the overall volume package units based on a roll of 2 packs or two rolls of three packets of feeding materials collocation tray (except regarding ultra-high speed unit) AGV carrying finished product is ideal for ordinary flat library or even elevated stereoscopic warehouse, Additionally , ordinary flat libraries beneath 3 levels can straight use AGV to enter in to the roadway to complete automatic accessibility Cheap Newport Cigarettes For Sale and transportation. Currently, AGV is transported in the form of pallet. With the standard and concentration of cigarette package product packaging form, it is suggested to use typically the clip-on AGV to immediately complete the operation and also cancel the pallet setting.