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Intuitive Pharma forum discusses primarily on Pharmacokinetics, Dissolution, Biopharmaceutics, Bioequivalence, IVIVC, Biostatistics, Regulatory Guidance and Formulation Development. Please feel free to post in this forum and share your knowledge to enlighten the pharma community .

About Intuitive Pharma

This forum is an extention of http://www.intuitivepharma.com. Intuitive Pharma provides premium consultancy services on GxP, Site Audit, Clinical Trial Monitoring, Protocol Development, Report Preparation, Pharmacokinetic Modeling, Pharmacokinetic Analysis, Biorelevant Dissolution, Bioavailability, Bioequivalence, IVIVC, Biostatistics, Regulatory support and Formulation Development.

Important Note:
By signing up with us, you are providing unconditional full rights for all the content posted by you [inclusive of but not limited to : forum postings, figures, uploaded contents etc.,] in this forum, to IntuitivePharma. IntuitivePharma, from time to time may generate articles out of novel informative topics discussed over in the forum and post them in their website, blogs etc. The sole intention of this exercise is to provide the concerned forum discussion topic, as a comprehensive epitome enabling knowledge upgradation for the pharma community at large.
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